Health Insurance

“I can’t afford to see a doctor.” “I don’t have insurance.” “I don’t have a job.” “I am an elder on a fixed income that barely covers my living expenses.” “My family is not insured.”

These are common concerns expressed by people during their first visit to the Gerald L. Ignace Indian Health Center (GLIIHC), according to staff.

You do have help available.

GLIIHC’s Winona Grieger, a Certified Application Counselor, will walk you through the process of applying for insurance and ensuring that you have the correct coverage.

Grieger said many Native American Indians patients believe they don’t have access to quality healthcare and insurance because they are not living on their reservation, where many services are reduced or free.

For insurance assistance, please contact Winona Grieger at (414) 316-5008.

GLIIHC provides a sliding-fee scale discount program for all patients. These discounts are for essential services and are offered based on family size and income. 

Please call (414) 383-9526 to schedule an appointment today.