Supporting the community to prevent and manage chronic disease through education and awareness while strengthening and restoring traditional practices of healthy living.

Work Out Low Fat Elders (W.O.L.F.E.) Program

The W.O.L.F.E. program is a free weekly, year-round program for Native American Elders 45 and older and friends of the health center community. The program provides a safe space for our Elders to come together and socialize, exercise, learn about nutrition and healthy cooking, and eat a healthy homemade meal together prepared by the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Team. The program has been offered since 2006 in collaboration with the Indian Council for the Elderly (I.C.E.). In this time, the award-winning program has received many recognitions for its effort in supporting healthy aging.

During W.O.L.F.E., the Elders:

  • Receive health screenings for blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • Are lead through an age-appropriate exercise with a fitness instructor that focuses on cardio, strength training, and increasing range of motion
  • Receive a hot, healthy meal using as many traditional foods as possible that is both heart healthy and diabetic friendly
  • Learn about a new nutrition topic each week taught by a dietitian of the clinic
  • Discuss healthy cooking habits and how to apply them to everyday life
  • Go home with fresh fruits and vegetables grown at our own Native Wellness Garden (seasonally)

W.O.L.F.E. meets every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at GLIIHC. To join, please contact Diana Osberg at (414) 316-5018. To schedule transportation, contact the Indian Council of the Elderly at (414) 933-1401

Why We Take Care of Our Elders, Our “Wisdom Keepers”

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