Self-Measured Blood Pressure

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Self-Measured Blood Pressure Program

In 2019, America’s Health Rankings reported 37.6% of American Indian/Alaskan Natives have been told by a health care provider that they have high blood pressure. Keeping our blood pressure under control is very important for our health, and the Gerald L Ignace Indian Health Center has a program to help you do so!

GLIIHC’s Self-Measured Blood Pressure (SMBP) program is a 6-week program aimed at helping GLIIHC patients better manage their blood pressure. The goal is to measure your blood pressure twice daily with a free blood pressure cuff provided by GLIIHC, while also teaching you the skills needed to self-manage blood pressure.

Over the 6 weeks, you will meet with a coach every 2 weeks (3 times total) to go over your progress and provide any necessary support in measuring and managing your blood pressure. Your coach will then help to communicate your blood pressure readings to your care team at GLIIHC.

During the SMBP program, you’ll learn more about:

  • What blood pressure and high blood pressure is.
  • How to take accurate blood pressure readings at home.
  • How nutrition impacts blood pressure.
  • How exercise impacts blood pressure.
  • How stress impacts blood pressure.
  • Individualized goal setting and support to better manage blood pressure.

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Video on home BP from virtual tabling:

For more information or to schedule an appointment for the Self-Measured Blood Pressure program, contact Shanna Williams, CHW at 414-316-3735 or email

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